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The results of DWP’s Umbrella Agreement for Employment and Health Related Services (UAEHRS) competition have been officially released, possibly the worst kept secret over the Christmas period!

Lot 1 – Central England: G4S, Ingeus, PeoplePlus, Reed, Shaw Trust
Lot 2 – North East England: G4S, PeoplePlus, Reed, Shaw Trust, Working Links
Lot 3 – North West England: G4S, The Work Company, Ingeus, PeoplePlus, Reed
Lot 4 – Southern England: G4S, PeoplePlus, Pluss, Prospects, Shaw Trust, Working Links
Lot 5 – Home Counties: APM, G4S, Ingeus, PeoplePlus, Shaw Trust
Lot 6 – Wales: PeoplePlus, Pluss, Remploy, Shaw Trust, Working Links
Lot 7 – National: G4S, PeoplePlus, Pluss, Ingeus, Reed, Shaw Trust, Working Links

Successful providers will be able to tender for Work and Health Programme contracts, with the ITT due to be released imminently. 

The results are not particularly diverse with only eleven providers being selected to cover the whole country. Once again this seems contrary to the sounds eminating from DWP in the last few months that they want more diversity, don't want more of the same, would welcome more third sector and new entrants etc etc. Basically the successful providers represent the best performing Work Programme primes; with the only new face being The Work Company - part of the Manchester Growth Company. Some major current Work Programme provider names are missing from the list of successful providers, with particular note of Maximus, Rehab Jobfit, Seetec and Serco. 

With the position regarding devolved areas and London still being debated it is going to be interesting to see which providers (particularly Home Counties and North West) bid for the wider Work and Health Programme or whether they are intersted in London or Greater Manchester. It will also be interesting to see who bids for what areas of Work and Health - if providers don't bid for all UAEHRS areas, will market share cause problems with contract awards? Only time will tell.

13 Jan 2017



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