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DWP Transparency Consultation

At a time when all of those in the welfare to work sector are concentrating on the Work Programme we find it interesting that a number of consultations are launched.  While these consultations aren't secret and are readily accessible, the attention of many people is currently elsewhere, so will they receive the same attention as they would maybe a month ago?  Well they will if we have anything to do with it! 

DWP have launched a consultation on transparency of information (click here).  The consultation ends on 31 January 2011 (just as those Work Programme bids are being topped and tailed) and is asking for comments on the Transparency section of the recently published Business Plan including:

  • whether spending and performance measures are clear and helpful (if not what measures they could use)
  • whether the data is sufficient to judge DWP's performance, and any additional or different data you'd like to see
  • what they could do to make data available in a useful and transparent format

So if you have a view and want it to be heard, you have two months to make the call (well the email or letter).



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