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DWP Staff Survey

So how many organisations would be prepared to publish the results of their internal staff survey on the web for all to view?  DWP have!

DWP have published the results (question by question) of the survey undertaken in October 2009.  And very interesting it is to.  Some of the highlights are:


  • 84% were interested in their work.
  • Positive results for team work and team support.
  • 89% had received training on data handling procedures in the last 12 months.


  • 56% felt they get the information they need to do their job well and 66% that they have the tools they need to do it effectively.
  • 38% felt that poor performance in their team had been effectively dealt with.
  • 57% felt valued.
  • 31% felt that their pay reflected their performance.  Doesn't say if they felt they were overpaid or underpaid!
  • The whole of Leadership & Change Management scored very poorly - two examples being that only 32% felt that DWP was well managed, 22% that changes made were for the better.
  • 32% thought it was safe to challenge the way things are done in DWP.
  • 28% of respondents felt that senior managers would take action as a result of the survey.
  • 54% felt that if they raised a concern under the Civil Service Code it would be investigated properly.
  • 10% had experienced bullying or harassment at work in the last 12 months and 11% had experienced discrimination.

These are just some of the key points from the survey, but there is a lot more and it's worth having a look as it really does give a good insight into working for DWP.  Sadly I don't think anyone will be too surprised by the results.

So how would your organisation compare?  And would you be brave enough to share the results?

Click here to get the full survey results.


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