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DWP Skills Consultation

DWP have launched ANOTHER consultation, this time around the potential to make a mandatory referral to skills training eg basic skills, vocational skills, Next Step with benefit sanctions being applied if they don't attend.

DWP already have the ability to refer to anything under a Jobseeker Direction but it has always been too complicated to use this facility for activities that span more than one attendance requirement.  This approach seems to be designed to overcome this current problem.

There are however other problems with making mandatory referrals to something that requires an individual to be committed and apply themselves.  Invariably, participants of a Skills for Life course genuinely wish to improve themselves.  Put into the mix someone who has no desire to be there, doesn't want to participate or improve their skills, and that generally positive atmosphere could really be damaged.  It will be interesting to see what feedback DWP receive through this consultation and what the final outcome is.

So if you're interested, have you say on the DWP website, by clicking here.

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