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DWP Race Equality Procurement Pilots

You may not know it, but if you’ve bid for or won any major contracts in with DWP since July 2006 you will have actually been part of a procurement pilot. 

The Race Equality Procurement Pilots introduced the requirement for organisations to have a policy in place and monitor their employment of ethnic minorities to ultimately encourage procurers to achieve better race equality outcomes. DWP has included compliance with the equality and diversity requirements as part of the preferred supplier accreditation process for contracts valued over £50,000 and has required successful suppliers to produce:

  • an equality plan;
  • an harassment plan;
  • a diversity training plan;
  • a supplier diversity plan.

and monitoring information showing the number of staff who are: 

  • from an ethnic minority group;
  • female;
  • disabled.

Mind you, how many of you have actually been asked to provide the monitoring information, which should be requested on an annual basis? 

Unsurprisingly the evaluation report that has been published found that Contract Managers have varying levels of knowledge of diversity issues and that in practice there is little routine monitoring of the requirements once contracts are in place. There was insufficient evidence that the pilots had impacted on specifically increasing suppliers’ ethnic minority employment, with some contract managers treating the suppliers’ ability to deliver outcomes as the most important aspect of their role, irrespective of the type of staff they employed.

Anyhow, as a result of the pilot DWP will be “introducing” an equality requirement for the monitoring of ethnic minorities, disability, and sex into all contracts.

You can download the evaluation report below or visit the DWP website for the press release.


REPP Evaluation

Please click the PDF logo to download the evaluation report.

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