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DWP Prime Contractor Lists

We often get asked by organisations how they find out who holds DWP contracts so that they can establish partnerships and approach them for opportunities.  For those organisations we just thought we'd highlight the central list available on the DWP website which provides easy access to details of prime contractors for a whole of host of contracts, including ESF (just awarded), fND, NDDP etc.

So when you want to know who holds what, who has won what, and who to approach, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of the DWP website, and get the information straight from the horses mouth!  Click here to go straight to the list.

The table provides links to the original lists and also gives the date of when it was updated.  This means that changes to contracts may not be included, but at least you no  longer have to search the web or rely on third parties to bring you the news.  You can go straight to it!


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