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DWP PQQ Briefing

While we’re all still waiting for fND Phase 2 and JCP Support Contract announcements, DWP have given advance notice of forthcoming PQQ briefing events for another new programme.

At the moment it doesn't’ appear to have a title and the PQQ isn’t available until next week. In the meantime if anyone can think of a good acronym for Merged programme based on progress2work and progress2workLinkUP and the 2010 Problem Drug Users' Employment and Support Pilots then go for it!   That’s what’s being advertised!

The voluntary full time programme is for customers who are recovering stabilised drug misusers; have an offending background; affected by homelessness; alcohol misuse or a combination of these issues. Customers will be assigned a support worker who will focus on providing individual support, help and a programme of activity to build commitment and motivation, address lifestyle issues and focus on employment or training opportunities. 

There will also be a pilot as part of this tendering exercise for mandatory employment and support provision for problem drug users (specifically heroin and crack cocaine). We sincerely hope that specialist organisations are successful in this tendering round! 

PQQ events are being held in London (20 October), Cardiff (21 October) and Glasgow (22 October). Places must be booked by 14 October.  To register your interest visit the DWP website.


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