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DWP Low Value Procurement

DWP are on the modernisation bandwagon again.  This time they're looking at the way they procure Low Value Welfare to Work Training. 

Low Value Provision is defined as one off training (single day or a few weeks) up to a value of £50k and is an existing area of contracting, although it seems quite secretive.  DWP are piloting a new system from 14 December which they're calling 'Request for Quotation' (let's guess that will be shortened to RfQ) in three regions - North West, Yorkshire and the Humber and East Midlands.  The aim is to roll out to the rest of Scotland in February 2010.  So as you've noticed, not a very long pilot!

In order to bid for and supply LVP you will need to lodge an application on line which has a shelf life of a year, unless your circumstances change in the meantime.  The aim is for DWP to send requests for quotes directly to people who have an application lodged and they can then respond electronically.  So fundamentally this is a framework agreement with multiple suppliers similar to those which many government departments and quangos currently run.

Suppliers can complete the on line application from 7 December whether they work in the pilot area or not.

Further information will be available in the normal Opportunities to Tender section of the DWP website from next week, and you can read the full notice on the DWP website as usual.


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