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DWP Job Evidence Requirements

The DWP FAM team at Sheffield has released guidance to providers regarding job evidence , trying at last to standardise requirements across the country. 
The main piece of evidence is now an employer verification template.  It doesn't appear that a letter from the employer is acceptable.  The template has to be supported by signed company letter head, compliment slip, company stamp or business card.  No other supporting information is acceptable.  The evidence for self employment has also been tightened up to bring it in line with EZ standards.
However, DWP will accept a signed template from the participant now, supported by a contract or pay slip.  This was always a last resort, but is now accepted.  So all of those clients who don't want their employer to know about you .... there is a solution!  
DWP will also now accept faxes and photocopied supporting evidence (well, until they find someone commiting fraud!).  There is obviously lots more to this, and you must refer to the written guidance that should have been received by all providers. Talk to your local third party provision team if you haven't received the latest guidance.

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