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DWP Framework Specification

 DWP have published the specification for the Framework.  The closing date is 27 September.

This is a four year Framework and once established, no further organisations will be accepted onto it.  As a pretty major change to DWP contracting this really does seem to be a bit of a quick turnaround, but that really shouldn't surprise us.

Annex 3 of the specification details the questions against the criteria:

  • Qualification Criteria
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Contract Performance
  • Delivery Challenges

The supplementary information gives yet more insight into the Work Programme.  The aim is to introduce it by next summer.  As has been advised before the aim is to give providers freedom to provide personalised support so DWP do not expect to specify that each customer should undertake a period of prescribed work related activity.  The majority of customers will be mandated to attend possibly for two years!  Interesting times ahead!





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