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DWP feels the cuts

 DWP were one of the victims in yesterday’s treasury announcements. Young people are on the sharp end of the latest cuts with:

  • Rollout of the Future Jobs Fund cuts previously announced contribution £290m
  • Six month offer recruitment subsidies contributing £30m
  • Extension of Young Person's Guarantee to 2011/12 offering up £450m
  • 2-year Jobseeker’s Guarantee yielding £515m

While the coalition government have announced a diversion of Train to Gain funding to increase funding for a further 50,000 apprenticeships, and a commitment to reducing 18-24 year old NEETs, it is unclear where the jobs are coming from to provide apprentice opportunities or what the exact plans are for reducing NEET numbers.  

There are new announcements every day so we’ll try and keep on top of them to bring you the important information.


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