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DWP Consultation - Disability Employment Services

Following much criticism from disability groups re the cuts to programmes specifically aimed at those with disabilities and health problems, and the cuts in funding to organisations such as Remploy, Liz Sayce (Chief Executive of RADAR) recently published the findings of her review of specialist disability employment programmes last month in the Getting in, staying in and getting on.

DWP have now opened a consultation on Liz's recommendations.  Key recommendations include employment support being focused on the individual (not on institutions) and the Access to Work budget being increased. 

Click here for the DWP press release and links to the consultation, the review document, and the government's response to the review.

Having cut the Access to Work budget in the last 12 months is the government seriously going to do ANOTHER u turn and increase it?  Time will tell.


15 July 2011

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