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DWP Business Plan Published

You can now download DWP's Business Plan through to 2015 from the Number 10 website (click here).

It's worth a read because although there aren't any particularly new developments it is useful to see all of the recently announced developments in one place.  

Worryingly DWP are aiming to make online services their preferred channel by moving JSA online by this December!  They will be introducing automated end-to-end processing of applications, enquiries and changes of circumstance and are introducing a self-service telephone system providing automated answers to queries within the next year.  

A less worrying but quite interesting addition is action 2.7: giving employment support to unemployed offenders and ex-offenders.  This will be part of the Work Programme but is looking at rehabilitation and employment providers working together to deliver social return on investment.  The Plan says this will be an "approach within the Work Programme" and the Ministry of Justice has started working with DWP on this so it's a space worth watching.

Can we just ask what happened to that single programme the government were heralding a few months ago?  So far the list is:

  • Work Choice
  • Right to Control
  • New Enterprise Allowance
  • Work Programme
  • Work Programme for ex-offenders
  • Work Clubs
  • 8 week voluntary work for young people
  • Work Together volunteering initiative
  • Work for Your Benefit

Whatever way you spin it, that's a little bit more than one!  :)


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