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DWP and Safeguarding

DWP have issued a notice to providers on the subject of safeguarding.  The extremely brief notice issued on 22 July 2009, advises that the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act, which came into force in November 2006, became fully operational in Autumn 2008, and they are now advising that this should form part of providers current staff recruitment procedures where relevant. 

They have provided a couple of out of date downloads/links for providers to search for more information, but haven't provided a link to the Independent Safeguarding Authority website.  So we're doing our bit to help them out.  Click here for the ISA website to access the latest updates and information.

What we find most concerning is that the notice doesn't seem to pick up on the breadth and depth of this issue and how it will affect DWP providers.  With limiting grades being awarded by Ofsted in this key area, it will be essential that providers have:


  • clear and stringent policies covering safeguarding
  • designated people to investigate incidents or concerns
  • a joined up approach to safeguarding within the organisation, linking to other policies and strategies
  • an embedded culture of safeguarding
  • safer recruitment processes that are effectively implemented
  • management of safeguarding through the placements and sub contractors chain
  • effective promotion to learners and all stakeholders
  • training in place to ensure all staff are aware of the subject, the policies, and can effectively implement and promote these

This is a major undertaking for many DWP providers who to date haven't had to do much regarding the Every Child Matters and Safe Learner agendas.  LSC providers are likely to be further ahead, but as the ISA opens for business in the autumn all providers will need to get up to speed quickly. 

We are currently putting the finishing touches to our range of safeguarding training courses, and have two LSIS Approved Safeguarding Facilitators on staff to deliver this.   We will post full details in the training section of our website shortly, but if you wish to register your interest please email us at training@w2wsolutions.co.uk and we'll keep you informed.


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