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Developing CVs Course - How good are your CVs?

With the focus of welfare to work provision now turning to sustainable job outcomes, how confident are you that your clients' CVs are going to give them the best chance of gaining sustainable employment?  Pick a couple at random. If you were an employer would you invite the individuals for an interview?  And for those who get an interview would the person in front of you match up to the CV profile?

Many delivery staff are pressured into producing a quick CV for clients so that they can send it to employers as quickly as possible and they miss out key stages of the CV development process.  There is no value in this approach if the resulting CV does not effectively market the client to employers, the client doesn't "own" their CV, or the client cannot substantiate the CV content when they are talking to employers.  Ultimately this approach is unlikely to lead to sustainable employment at the rates required, particularly with FND.

Our Developing CVs workshop is an excellent start in ensuring delivery staff have the knowledge and resources needed to help clients develop an effective CV and improve their chances of gaining employment through this method of application and help you achieve your targets.

Comments from delegates on a Developing CVs course that we ran last week for a Flexible New Deal provider included:

  • I thought that I knew everything about CVs and the course made me re-think some strategies. It was a really good refresher. 
  • I’ve been doing this for so long that ... it felt like being sent to school.  As it was, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  You gave an excellent and fun delivery that kept me engaged even when it was stuff I already knew (which is quite an art) and you still managed to give me some stuff I didn’t know, making it all the more worthwhile.
  • Good book, really helpful to take away. Liked the relaxed delivery and the emphasis that there is no right answer.
  • Everything was perfect. We MUST have continuous improvement sessions like this. 
  • Informative and beneficial.
  • I really enjoyed the training and the trainer was excellent. I will find the information very useful in my job role. 

So have another look.  How good are your clients' CVs ... really?!

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