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CVs they are a changing!

The way people are presenting their CV is changing as digital technology now allows jobseekers to build online multi-media presentations. 

News from Personneltoday.com outlines a US phenomenon that is spreading. Click here for the full article.

Visual CVs include images, pdf files, charts and graphs, weblinks, online video and work samples, alongside the traditional text. The article discusses whether this is a good idea, particularly from an equality and diversity perspective.

Traditional CVs are not always the best way for some of your clients to find work, particularly those with little work history or a chequered past. Many clients prefer traditional application forms, or cold calling on employers with a letter of application, but what other ways could they present themselves to employers? 

As more people log onto social networking sites such as Facebook, have blogs, use web based companies to market themselves to employers, the welfare to work industry needs to think about how it supports clients and advises them about CVs. What about a video CV on a web page, a CD Rom to post to employers with an introduction and examples of work? 

Food for thought!

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