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CTF Phase 2 - Withdrawal of CPAs

DWP have withdrawn 3 contract package areas from the bidding round that is currently underway for Community Task Force Phase 2.  

The three areas (Hampshire, Berkshire and Barnet et al) are all involved in the Personalised Employment Programme pilots.  DWP have, at this very late stage, decided to extend the NDYP provision in these areas until March 2011 and have realised they don't need CTF provision.  

Providers bidding in these areas can ask to submit bids in other areas but some may not be in a position to do so.  Everyone now has an extended deadline for submitting bids (9 April) to allow for these last minute changes. 

We hope someone's head is rolling for this.  Many of those bidding for these areas are bidding in other areas as well, but this doesn't make up for the amount of work that has gone in to the bids and to withdraw at this late stage is basically shambolic, highlights poor planning and management and DWP should quite frankly be ashamed of themselves.

Thanks to Paul at Indus Delta for getting a copy of the letter that was received by bidders.



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