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Community Task Force Opportunity

DWP have announced two supplier information events for suppliers interested in bidding for the Community Task Force provision. It’s pretty short notice with an Edinburgh event on 14 July and London on 16 July. For more information and to register email mayfieldcourt.ctf@dwp.gsi.gov.uk .

Community Task Force (CTF) is part of the wider Young Persons Guarantee (YPG) which guarantees the offer of a job, work-focused training, or meaningful activity to all 18 to 24 year olds approaching the 12 month stage of  their JSA claim.  CTF would be used where a subsidised job or training are unsuitable or unavailable.  In light of the economy and the unemployment rates within this age group this programme could be pretty big!

CTF involves a maximum of 6 months' quality work experience of benefit to the community, to enhance employability and work-related skills, and increase chances of sustained employment.  If customers don’t find work at the end of CTF, they will join Stage 3 of fND at the point they left it.

CTF will be delivered in two phases, phase 1 will be delivered from January 2010 and phase 2 will be advertised in Autumn 2009. The detailed specification will be available shortly.

This contract could be an excellent opportunity for smaller third sector organisations to work together on developing a consortium approach to become a prime contractor, or to start making approaches to potential prime contractors. 

Also keep an eye out for the Personalised Employment Programme Pilots opportunities which are imminent.


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