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Common Inspection Framework Update

The new Common Inspection Framework for FE and Skills will now not be available until August 2009 (previously June). 

Ofsted have released a news item about the new inspection regime, containing much of what we already know but highlighting a few snippets that you may have missed. So to recap:


  • safeguarding, and equality and diversity grades may limit the grade awarded for overall effectiveness
  • greater emphasis on Every Child Matters as outcomes for all learners.
  • from September there will be no set cycles for inspection and inspections will be planned using a risk based approach.
  • the standard notice period for inspection will be between two and three weeks.
  • the inspection will last between three and five days.
  • the lead inspector will hold a telephone meeting or visit the provider to plan the inspection.
  • Ofsted will set up an email address so learners and employers can pass their views directly to the inspection team.
  • providers will have to inform learners about the inspection during the planning period and where possible, the lead inspector will have a telephone planning meeting with representative learners to discuss the inspection arrangements!
  • there will be more opportunities for clients to talk directly to inspectors at pre-arranged or informal meetings.
You can read the full news item on the Ofsted website.              
There is also an interesting news article regarding the pilot inspections that were recently conducted, which gives a bit of insight into the new regime.  Click here.
But still we wait!  We’ll bring you news as soon as it’s available.


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