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CLIAG - careers advice to you and me

LSIS have just published the findings from a number of projects that they undertook in 2008/09 for DCSF looking at Career Learning, Information, Advice and Guidance (CLIAG) for young people in the further education (FE) sector. Another acronym to add to the list! 

As many providers in the Welfare to Work sector are left picking up the pieces of insufficient CLIAG, the reports are worth more than a passing glance. Some of the issues will be familiar and just as relevant to training providers in the adult learning and skills sector as to the 14-19 FE sector. The report highlights the need to help learners choose the right course to support and motivate them to complete and achieve. The knock on effect is improving retention rates on courses. Does this sound familiar?

Publications of particular interest look at effective practice in the FE sector, another lists recommended resources and another includes a toolkit to support coordination of careers learning. While some of the information may not translate directly to the Welfare to Work sector, the resources and toolkit contain some valuable information.

Having just spent the last couple of days updating our own workshops for delivery staff (see our Staff Training section for details) we know how difficult it is to find appropriate resources to support effective advice and guidance, researching employer needs, job goals etc.  Many delivery staff in the sector would benefit from help in advising and signposting clients in furthering their careers, so give the CLIAG reports a look.

Visit the LSIS website to download the publications.


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