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Changes to Success Rates 08/09

The Information Authority has announced changes to the calculation method for learner responsive success rates for 08/09.  Changes have been agreed by the  Data Harmonisation Group which represents a wide range of agencies - including the information authority, LSC, the BIS, DCSF and Ofsted - and is responsible for taking forward work to simplify success rate reporting methodologies and provide greater transparency across the further education and training system.  

The change means there will be consistency between learner ‘start’ dates used for funding, and those used for assessing quality of provision.  The changes are:


  • Inclusion/exclusion of learners replaced with the appropriate length of time they need to be enrolled to receive funding (6 weeks / 2 weeks).
  • Report on learner responsive provision as it is defined ie excluding FE NVQs which have transferred to Employer Responsive provision.
  • Exclusion of Entry to Employment provision as it is not aimed at delivering whole qualifications.
  • Exclusion of non-funded learning aims where there is at least one LSC funded learning aim in a cohort.
  • Exclusion of all learners below the age of 16 as they are not funded by the LSC.


Click here to visit the FAQ page of the Information Authority Website for full details of the change.



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