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Changes to DWP FAM Function

DWP have announced changes to the Financial Appraisal and Monitoring (FAM) function and a timetable for delivery.

Following changes to departmental structures (not least within contract management) and in light of the changes to the funding model changes for fND, the FAM policy team have been undertaking a review of the FAM function. Consideration was also given to provider feedback regarding inconsistencies in approach, so take note … it is worth passing on your views to funding organisations, as eventually they may have an impact!

Following the review, four key changes have been agreed (see official notice to providers for full details – click here).

  • The new Contract Employment Programme (CEP) assurance function will operate at a national level with each provider having a nominated Senior Assurance Manager as a single point of contact within DWP;

  • The scope of the activities will be redefined to provide added assurance of value for money in CEP contracts rather than validation of payment;

  • FAM staff will have to hold or be working towards the Institute of Internal Audit’s Certificate in Internal Auditing qualification.

To implement the new system, FAM are going to suspend activities from 31 July to 1 October 2009. During this time they will also be trialling the new approach with one provider, who by now should have already volunteered!

Any queries should be directed to Gwen Short and Sarah Owen at DWP.


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