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Carley Consult - Merlin Magic

Carley Consult have been awarded the contract to develop Merlin - the bespoke accreditation based standard, assessment process and mediation service that DWP are introducing to spell out the key values and principles of behaviour for welfare to work training providers. 

The two year contract has been awarded to the private consultancy firm who have worked with numerous training providers in the welfare to work sector to help secure multi million pound contracts for a number of key players in the sector.  Jim Carley, Managing Director of Carley Consult, has worked in the industry for many years, and his consultants have worked directly on New Deal, NDDP, Pathways to Work, ESF and other provision so they have a good understanding about how the sector works. 

It is great that DWP have awarded the contract to someone other than the usual multi national corporate bodies that tend to gain many of the public sector contracts.  The hands on knowledge that Carley Consult have means they are more likely to conjure up (pun intended) a practical, relevant and meaningful system that will meet the needs of providers as well as DWP.

Congratulations to all at Carley Consult - let the magic begin!


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