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Building Britainís Recovery

The Building Britain’s Recovery, White Paper was published yesterday. It took a fair bit of reading hence it’s the news for today and not yesterday!

The White Paper sets out how the government plans to combat the effects of the recession and surprisingly re-states their ambition to achieve 80 per cent employment. The government want to get people into jobs, help them stay there and progress and find employment that fits with the rest of their lives (a pledge that will hit a raw nerve for many employers we're sure).

So what does it say? It’s really too long to summarise but the document does have it’s usual colourful sections that contain the highlights. DWP will be producing a summary but it’s taking them a while to go through it as well as that isn’t yet available! You'll find their summary and the rest of the document on the DWP website.  So a few key points:

Young People

  • Dedicated personal adviser from day one of their claim and more time with an adviser throughout their claim.  Doesn’t say how much or how.
  • Closer working between JCP and Connexions to support 16–17-year-olds from Jobcentre Plus.
  • New subsidy for employers taking on 16–17-year-old apprentices.
  • Bringing forward a guarantee for 16–17-year-old NEET of an offer of an Entry to Employment place, and Education Maintenance Allowance to go with it.
  • Young Person’s Guarantee for 18–24-year-olds at six months unemployment for a job, training or internship. They will meet their personal adviser, drawne up an action plan and must follow it through. If they don’t they will have to take part in the Community Task Force before they complete ten months on JSA.

Over 50s

  • Additional time and training for Jobcentre Plus advisers to support older job seekers.
  • New specialist back-to-work support for over-50s via short courses tailored to the needs of older job seekers.
  • Fast-track to support normally only available after claiming for six months.


  • Additional funding to allow customers attending the day one workshop for professionals to attend a dedicated follow-up session with the same agency.  Not sure what this says for open and fair competition for providers.


  • Piloting the Accelerator Funding Model in PEP pilots (paying providers more as they get a greater number of people into work).
  • Single purse to join funding of DWP and BIS from 2011. 
  • New training package to possibly include sector focused pre-employment training, jobsearch and employability skills, Skills for Life.  Not really sure why this is NEW!

Self Employment

  • Bringing forward intensive support and a self-employment allowance to three months of unemployment rather than six including access to the Self-Employment Credit (£50 a week for up to 16 weeks).

Better Off In Work

  • £40 a week Better off in Work Credit guaranteeing that claimants moving into work at six months will be at least £40 a week better off.
  • Reforms to Housing Benefit.

This is just some of the content of the White Paper. There is a bit more background to some of these pledges, but actually not an awful lot of flesh on the bones. We’re sure that will come with time!  You can download separate chapters from the DWP website as well as the full document, and remember the summary that is due out shortly! 


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