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Building Britain's Future (the modern way!)

The Government has published their latest plan, Building Britain’s Future, to respond to the economic downturn and together build a stronger, fairer and more prosperous country.

We weren’t actually going to bother you with this news, as it is just one in a very long line of government papers and policies, which basically ties together everything that has already been proposed around the skills sector eg Future Jobs Fund, increased Apprenticeships, Young Person’s Guarantee, IES, with other society wide initiatives.  But when we found the snazzy website (click here) and found that there was twittering and blogging going on …. well, we had to share it with you! 

The use of the latest communication technology may make this paper one of the most accessible ever, and it is clearly part of the Digital Britain revolution.   The website it actually quite nice and friendly, and (dare we say) not very government like at all! 

So if you are a techno fiend and want to follow BBF (yes really!! – or more accurately buildbritfuture) on Twitter and join the 78 followers that currently exist, click here

For those of you who actually want to read the news, you can visit the BBF website to find out about the 12 commitments, which are:

  • Cleaning up politics
  • Jobs and skills
  • A new economy
  • More power for patients
  • More power for parents
  • Investing in young people
  • Early years
  • Affordable housing
  • Crime and policing
  • Immigration and citizenship
  • A low carbon future
  • International leadership


So whether you choose to surf, blog or twitter ... have fun!


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