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Brave New World - Ofsted

The Association of Learning Providers have announced details of the rather grandly titled event, Brave New World - the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.  Those of you who are familiar with the Huxley novel of the same name (excluding the Ofsted part) may be wondering what the connection is ... and to be honest we really can't see one, but we're sure there was a good reason for the name!

The event, being held on 24 March 2010 in West Bromwich, is sponsored by Ofsted and LSIS who are both providing key speakers for the event aimed at people working within LSC, WBL, e2e, DWP, ACL, learndirect and other provider organisations.  The event will provide the opportunity to look at key issues affecting providers including:

  • safeguarding young people
  • quality assessment in the new world (still not sure what world this is)
  • role of employers in education and training
  • the Handbook for Inspection of FE education and skill

There will be two opportunities for breakout sessions with input from HMI Inspectors and attendees need to book onto their sessions at the time of registrations.  The sessions are:

  • Safeguarding and Self Assessment
  • Improving Success Rates
  • Self Assessment for the new Common Inspection Framework
  • New Developments for the inspection of DWP Provision
  • LSIS improvement support offer

The Brave New World will cost ALP members £70 + VAT and non members £120 + VAT.   You can find full details and register on line for the event at the dedicated website by clicking here.



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