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Brain Games

LSIS have launched an on line software platform for providers to support them in developing the literacy and numeracy skills of learners through a modern and up to date approach - the olympics and brain training.  It's being sold as a quick and easy way for learners to practise their literacy and numeracy skills.

There are different levels, different subjects, you can play by yourself or against someone else, can keep a track of your stats (if you log in).  It's great - and it also is a bit of a challenge.  To get a gold medal in the hard section you do have to be really switched on.  This isn't an easy game.  It really is challenging.  For the easy section you could even set time trials for learners.

It's an excellent resource and is very much aimed at adults.  It isn't dumbed down and isn't full of childish references.  Click here to find out about the resource and if you can't wait, go straight to the Brain Games at www.braingames.org.uk and go for GOLD!!!


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