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BIS - Skills Consultation

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills has now jumped on the "share you thoughts" bandwagon.

They have launched a consultation document Skills for Sustainable Growth outlining their vision for skills and key elements of a strategy for delivering it and are asking for views on:

  • optimising private investment in skills
  • where limited public investment should be focused
  • meeting the needs of the economy
  • engaging business in supporting community learning (Big Society?)
  • making colleges and training organisations accountable for their performance

It would be helpful for this consultation to be joined up with the Work Programme to look at the holistic approach to meeting labour market and individual needs, whether this is gaining support, experience or skills.  The fear is that there is STILL be a view that skills are college based and once people are out of that system they go into work.  Until we join them up will we actually get a system that works?

You can see the consultation by clicking here.


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