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Balancing Views - UnemployedNet

A new website, UnemployedNet, has recently been launched with a bold offering - to be the homepage for the unemployed and economically inactive. It offers advice, support, news, discussion as well as a foundation for constructive challenge to welfare policies, practices and welfare to work providers.

Throughout the last two years it seems there have been many vocal opponents to all welfare policy or programme. Welfare to work providers have often felt under seige by some of the antagonists, and sometimes the response has been just as negative as the criticism levelled at the industry.  UnemployedNet is attempting to provide some balance to the debate.  It is aiming to represent unemployed peopel in a constructive and positive way.  

"We want to support all of you to deal with unemployment and its challenges, to get back in to work and to receive the best possible services to help you do this. We also want to support those who receive benefits, including disabled people and those on sickness benefit, lone parents and income support recipients, with information and support on living on a low income and making the most of life."

"We believe that real change comes through engagement and partnership rather than confrontation, and want to engage with as many organisations with an interest in this area as possible, including government, voluntary sector and private sector agencies. We have established a charter that sets out the overall aims of UnemployedNet, and want to work with all those that have an interest in achieving them."

Everyone working with jobseekers should be striving for a similar aim – we really are all on the same side.  

The site offers personal support (staying motivated and confident, maintaining momentum), training and development information, a full range of jobsearch support (CVs and application templates and guidance, covering letters, interview skills, how to choose a job and where to look, how to use social media etc), welfare support (including cheap nutritious recipes and money saving tips), campaigns to try to improve the circumstances of unemployed people, and advice blogs. It also has an embedded job site powered by Indeed, giving access to every job advertised on the internet in the UK, searchable by geographic and vocational area.  Jobseekers can use the online jobsearch diary to manage their jobsearch activities as well as a contacts database.  This is a free resource which is being developed in conjunction with its users.

W2W Solutions would encourage colleagues across the sector to look at the site, and even think about contributing their expertise.  The site is run by professional and experienced personnel who are really striving to achieve the same aims as many of those working in the industry.  

Visit www.unemployednet.org today.

11 December 2012



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