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Agency Workers Directive Consultation

A consultation launched on Friday, sets out proposals for implementation of the EU's Agency Workers Directive in the UK.

1.3 million agency workers in the UK look set to benefit from the Directive. Agency workers already benefit from key rights such as the minimum wage, working time regulations and statutory benefits such as sick and maternity pay.  However, if the new directive is implemented as planned, agency workers will also benefit from equal pay, holiday entitlement and overtime.

Agency work has a bad press among many unemployed people, but the new laws cover agency workers who are employed or engaged by an agency and who are sent to a company to work under their supervision and direction.  This could open up access to this part of the labour market to more people who will benefit from fair and equal treatment.

Member States have until December 2011 to ensure their own laws comply with the Agency Workers Directive which was agreed in 2008. The CBI and TUC already agreed in May 2008 that after 12 weeks in a given job, there will be an entitlement to equal treatment.  The latest consultation which covers proposals in equal treatment for agency workers on pay, holiday entitlement and overtime, will run until 31 July.

Click here to visit the BERR website and find out more about the consultation and how you can respond.


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