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A Woman's Place ...

... is in learning. NIACE (the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) has recently released a new toolkit to help engage female learners.

A Woman's Place is the result of a project with Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somali communities in three London boroughs. The project was designed to bring women in these communities together, identify their learning needs and help them access adult learning.

The toolkit outlines how the project was developed and provides case study examples as to how the women in the project were engaged. Toolkit is possibly the wrong description as it is more an evaluation of the project, but nonetheless it does give some good insight into how the team managed the project, a brief description of the activities involved and the successes achieved.

As engaging learners, ensuring equality of opportunity and promoting community cohesion are such hot topics, we would recommend having a read of the toolkit to see if any of the ideas are transferable to your provision. It’s worth a look.


A Woman's Place - NIACE Project

Click on the PDF logo to download the toolkit.

A Woman's Place - Case Studies

Please click the PDF logo to download the case study document.

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